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rs21 is a group of revolutionary socialists who stand for socialism from below. We are exploring what it means to be revolutionary socialists in the 21st century. As an organisation, we are determined to have an open and questioning attitude to the world around us. If you would like to be a part of and help shape our project, please get in touch with us about joining.

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  1. Gambina Gambino

    I myself immigrant from a country witnessed a long battle of civil war drama never end! life is all in politician hands! Its like as if you light a candle in a face of devil !
    I totally support the Idea of Mr Corbyn’s ” A big Yes Refugees who fled from war zone are welcomed “

  2. Robert (Bob) Reed

    I lived in Canada for the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement. This took jobs from Canada and the US to Mexico, putting thousands of workers on unemployment, affected pension rights etc. Chevrolet cars were then assembled in Mexico, a country with cheaper wages, and less regulation as far as health & safety or pollution/environmental issues are concerned. Even american baseball gloves are made in Haiti, taking advantage of essentially slave labour. Do NOT allow TTIP to happen! We must fight the tory attempt for a one-party government and the crushing of opposition to their policies. Bob

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