Scotland and Spain: lessons from contemporary social movements

Scotland and Spain have both seen mainstream politics in crisis in recent months. In Scotland the independence referendum saw the Tory government in panic at the possibility of the break-up of the United Kingdom. While independence lost, the vote has been followed by further crisis for Labour in Scotland, traditionally the dominant party there. Meanwhile in Spain the radical Podemos party, only founded in January of this year, is ahead of all other parties in several recent opinion polls.

Neil Davidson and Luke Stobart discussed the significance of recent events at a meeting organised by rs21 in London on 30 November 2014. Neil is a Scottish historian and activist, and Luke is active in Podemos in London, and a member of the editorial board of Spanish socialist magazine La Hiedra.

  1. Neil Davidson introduction (26:10)
  2. Luke Stobart introduction (27:16)
  3. Discussion (40:20)
  4. Responding to the Discussion: Luke Stobart, Neil Davidson (15:08)

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